Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration has the following Guiding Principles:

  • identify, initiate, design, implement and sustain projects and programs to support the members of the Romanian community living abroad;
  • foster an intercultural dialogue between the Romanian migrants and the population of the host countries which would contribute to the improvement of the quality of their life and integration of the Romanian migrants ensuring equal treatment (as per the European Union legislation) and mutual respect;
  • maintain ties between the Romanian migrant communities with Romania;
  • facilitate the reintegration of returning migrants;
  • create a positive image of the Romanian migrant from three perspectives:

    • – migrant (to realize own unique skills);
    • – population of the host countries;
    • – population in Romania.

Lufkin Foundation (FLAME) proudly adheres to these guiding principles and fulfills its mission while promoting the main qualities demonstrated by the Romanian migrants: courage, initiative, perseverance and integrity. At the same time, the foundation will support important migrant needs, such as respect, happiness and a better life for their children.

  • encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the Romanian people at home and abroad through:

    • – educational programs;
    • – consultancy;
    • – facilitate access to capital in order to launch a startup business;
    • – support the modification of the fiscal and legal framework in the interest of simplifying the process, and to eliminate the bureaucratic impediments which hinder the steps to start a new business.

  • conduct research and educational activities, and to promote the interests of the members of the Romanian communities living abroad, and to develop a collaboration between such communities and the official representatives of the host countries.