Financial Education

Financial Education

Financial education has become an important component of the market behavior and a long-term political priority for many countries, resulting in the improvement of an individual's financial behavior.

Not only adults, but children too, must have basic knowledge of financial education to participate effectively in diverse economic activities and to take good financial decisions for themselves and their families.

There is a need for a well-developed financial education program not only to improve the mechanisms of personal financial management, but also to allow good decisions to be taken regarding financial services and products, and to develop and administer entrepreneurial activities.

Governments and public authorities around the world are paying increasing attention and more and more resources are being expended on financial education. The FLAME Foundation aims to initiate, within the framework of the financial education program, projects which consist of making available financial tools for personal financial management, to offer financial counseling services, and support to acquire financial literacy.

The FLAME Foundation, partnering with other financial entities, researches and develops tools to support policymakers and public authorities in order to elaborate and implement national strategies for financial education.