Mr. Dan W. Lufkin represents an example of strength and courage, proving that progress and success come only by trying and taking risks. And it is due to this winning mindset that Mr. Lufkin - one of the main creators of the venture capital system in United States of America - is endeavoring to inspire the Romanian people to become entrepreneurs and be successful in life. Mr. Lufkin has founded the Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration (FLAME) to leave a legacy that anyone can strive to become a great entrepreneur just like he did, and being also acknowledged as "one of the 100 greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century," by the Wall Street Journal.


The entrepreneurs are often those individuals who exhibit courage, self-confidence, and perseverance. They are problem-solvers, and they are unafraid to ask for help. They continuously improve and develop themselves, and strive to make their dreams a reality. We believe that migrants, just like the entrepreneurs, demonstrate the same qualities to achieve their dreams, and that is to build a good life.

"We must appreciate the perseverance and courage of the Romanian workers to work abroad, to offer them our respect and support, and to understand that they represent an incredible economic resource. These extraordinary people contribute significantly to the national economy, as well as the local one, and they act as catalysts on the development of the communities in which they return." (Dan W. Lufkin)


Romanian migrants return to Romania with new ideas, skills and perspectives. They bring with them innovative business ideas inspired by the countries that hosted them, different entrepreneurship models, great ambition, an unwavering desire to succeed, to create something new and lasting in their homeland.

This is the reason why, we are of the opinion that encouraging and supporting migrants in order to become entrepreneurs could be an essential driver for the country’s social and economic development.


The Lufkin Foundation seeks to encourage entrepreneurship through the execution of various programs and initiatives geared toward developing the entrepreneurial spirit, such as:

  • long-term mentoring and economic consulting;
  • facilitating capital raising necessary for a startup business, and simplifying the financing process;
  • advocating for the elimination of administrative and fiscal hurdles that hinder starting a new business.