International Children’s Day

Posted on Wednesday June 27th, 2018

International Children’s Day

June 2-3, 2018

In honor of International Children’s Day, the Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration (FLAME), along with CEC Bank – a banking institution recognized as one of the national symbols of Romania – has supported three cultural events in the Romanian migrant communities of Madrid and Coslada.

The Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration (FLAME) and CEC Bank’s joint social mission to be supportive of the Romanian migrants in diaspora is being met through activities and programs of support and promotion of the Romanian values, in the homeland, as well as abroad.

During the festivities, “United Children – Happy Children,” “Discover and Learn About Romania,” and “Music Festival for the Romanian Children,” the young honorees participated in the organized activities with great enthusiasm.

The children, along with their parents and friends, had the opportunity to use their aptitudes, knowledge, and competitive spirit in activities that included: an intercultural workshop, performance of Romanian songs, competition of Romanian language, culture and civilization, literary carousel, and books, letters and toys swap.

Amid an abundance of smiles, the activities concluded with the awarding of prizes and tiaras, presents, and delicious Romanian desserts.

The Lufkin Foundation’s partner, CEC Bank, one of the most recognized Romanian brands, endeavors through activities such as the ones mentioned above, to offer its support to the Romanian people, to promote Romanian values and traditions, and to maintain the Romanian cultural identity throughout the world.